Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights # 4

Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlight #4

Daddy & Baby Bonding

This Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights help for the working mom, encouragement for dads and a recommendation on some of the best salsa ever.

Please if you ever have anything you would like highlighted send me an email at and I will add it.

Tips for the Working Mom: For some moms they desire to work, for others they have to for ends to meet in the family but either way you deserve many props! I hope these tips can encourage you.

How to be a Morning Person: Check out what Michael Hyatt has to say about being a morning person. He gives some good tips on how you may be able to become one!

Dad’s What’s your Legacy: 

Daddy Baby Bonding Tips: What dad doesn’t want to bond with his baby. Here are 50 ways to make it happen. Surely every dad can find at least one way that works for them.

A Bit of A Bite of Salsa: This is some of the best Salsa I have ever had so I had to include it here. If you are an all natural person this is for you as well!