Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #2


The baby Mikayla

Baby number 4 in our family.Top Baby Names of 2012:

2012’s Top Baby Names:

Expectant ladies you won’t want to miss this and guys make sure to give your honest feedback…very carefully. Amy and I were fortunate that we had picked out our first two kids names even before they were born.

Parenting Through Divorce:

Although I believe in divorce in rare cases the reality is that it happens all the time and kids so often get caught in the middle. This blog post does an excellent job giving tips on how to protect your kids through the divorce.

Tips for Running in the Cold:

As some of you know I love to run and so when I saw this article I just had to share it. The funny thing is I love to run in the cold. Many people do not but here are some tips for those

Its official: Helicopter Parenting

who whether they like it or not run in the cold.

Helicopter Parenting: Here to Stay

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this article but helicopter parenting has become an official style. I hurt for those young adults who have parents that have chosen this style. It keeps them from growing up. If you talk to colleges and employers you would be shocked to hear how parents try to do everything for their kids at a time when they are to be venturing out on their own. Parents work hard to not be this kind of parent. Instead chose to empower your children to grow and take responsibility. The truth is they can and they can probably do things better than you!

Honorable Mentions:

Family Size is a Good Predictor of Political Views

Sandy Hurts Non-Profits