Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #15

#15 Marriage & Parenting HighlightsThis week all the highlights connected with marriage have been about the same-sex marriage case however we have some other great highlights from the week to share with you. Don’t miss the article about some up-and-coming social media sights. You need to be informed as parents. Make sure to go to the end to watch the funny video of the Husband Song.

Young Dads are Big Spenders: This article caught and I had to agree with it. When Amy and I had a little more disposable income I was much more likely to spend money on cute clothes for our little girl or to get something to spoil Amy. Even today if I had the ability I think I would be the one to spoil our kids more. Amy is smarter and wiser than I in many ways!

New Social Media to Watch out for with your Kids:  Parents technology is always evolving and the creativity of the human mind is always generating new ideas. These ideas are not all bad however we do need to be watchful so that we can help our kids navigate the waters. This post reveals to new social medias that are seemingly setting themselves a part.

Bonding with Kids makes Mom Happy: Dad’s did you realize that bonding with your kids and helping around the house can help make your wife a happier person. Is it simply because the men are helping more or is it another reason. I would say that it is another reason. The reason I believe is that because these men are much more in tune with what is going on with their wives and families. Men think deeply about this.

The Husband Song: Funny and lighthearted!  Don’t let the puppet fool you!