Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #14


This weeks edition of marriage & parenting highlights brings awareness to adoption, social media for your kid’s safety and a great video to remind you of the importance of your spouse. I don’t know abut you but I can be so forgetful and simply need reminders of what is important in my life.

Advice After Adoption: I love hearing stories of adoption and the how beautifully it represents the gospel. I did not realize until recently how difficult that transitioning a adopted child into the home can be. If you are like me and have not adopted then read this to get a sense of what adopted families can go through. You will also have a better sense of how to pray for them.

Parenting in the Age of Social Media: If you haven’t accepted the reality that social media is here to stay then let me suggest you do. More than likely your children will get involved with it at sometime or may already be. There are some great thoughts on this post to consider as your kids engage social media. Parents you need to have some understanding of social media if you are going to help your children be wise in the use of it.

Preventing Blisters: As some of you know I really enjoy running so every once in a while I have to include something abut it. I have one hot spot on my foot on the tip of my second toe. That toe loves getting blisters. So here is a post for all of you who have the joy of blisters!

Four things Dr. Seuss Teaches us About Perseverance: Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Whether you a spouse or parent we all need to learn more lessons abut perseverance and how to teach it to our kids. We need it in our marriages and in our kids!

Love Words: Great video that reminds us of how great our spouses are! Just a little reminder this week!

Your Turn: What Internet safety tips do you have?