Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #13

Funny parenting clipThis weekly marriage and parenting post covers some important topics such as divorce and sexual boundaries for your daughters. However it starts and finishes with the funny stuff. You’ll start by laughing how your parenting changed from the first child to the second and then finish with a clip from the always funny Tim Hawkins.

Parenting the First Born V. the Second Born: This is a funny look at how we slip as parents as we get more children. I laugh when I consider how we raise our fourth compared to our first. What was the biggest change for you from parenting the first to the second?

Your Marriage May be Susceptible To Divorce: I hope that each of you is humble enough to realize that you could be next when it comes to divorce. How often has it been said, “I never would have thought they would have gotten a divorce.” Please take a look at this and make sure you won’t be that couple. Invest in your marriage this week.

Preventing Sibling Rivalry: If you have more than one kid this is bound to come up at some point. After all none of us are perfect parents and at times we do this that can feed the rivalries that happen in the home. Here are some good tips for keeping the effect at a minimum.

Sexual Boundaries for your Daughters: Your daughters are going to date! Read this article and get in the mind of a teen girl who has thought seriously about boundaries in dating. I would even recommend passing this on to your daughters. I have three daughters and this scares me more than anything! Pray for your friends with kids who are navigating the waters of dating. They need it!

Tim Hawkins on Parenting: This is really funny…enjoy!