Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #12

parentingThis weeks Marriage & Parenting Highlights will remind you why being a parent is so great (lets be honest at times we need a reminder!)  and why you need to void being overprotective. For you married couples you can see the cost of love and other things!

The Cost of Love: This is a wonderful infographic that shows how much love costs around Valentine’s day!

Ten Best Things about Being a Parent: This post is a great reminder of why being a parent is so great. I know at times you can get exhausted and stressed out so I hope that this post can be an encouragement to you.

Overprotective Parents Leads to Depression in Children: “Helicopter Parenting” as it has been officially labeled is being linked to depression in children. I must say this is not a surprise to me because if you think about it most people if they are micromanaged hate work.  Why would our kids be any different?  I know as a parent it can be hard to not want to protect our kids from everything but in the end we must realize bumps and bruises are a part of our kids growing up.

Marriage a Remedy for Poverty: This is an interesting post on Fox News.  I think the headline is probably a little stretching however there are some really good points to be made in the article on the importance of adults learning to grow up and have strong marriages.

How Husbands Aid in Parenting: I really enjoyed this post and it’s thoughtfulness. Francesca really takes time to dig deep and discover why both parents are important in raising children. I pray blessings upon her and her family!