Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #10

In this weeks edition there are great reasons for men to get married (sex is one), rules every mom should break, a reason for men to do more housework and advice on talking about sex with your daughters. There is a lot of great stuff here.

Five reasons for men to grow up and get married: I think reason number three is one of the best reasons. However every reason listed is rather interesting. I know I am super glad I am married!
10 rules moms should break:  I know for some of you mom’s this will be stretching. For others you will be thinking, “Those are rules!” I think the main point of this is that as moms and dads we need to loosen up with our kids sometimes and have fun. One tradition Amy and I started is that every year on the last day of school we have ice cream sundaes for dinner! Can I get an “Amen!”
Helping your daughters be ambitious: Wives you are going to love this article. Husbands watch out the bar has just been raised! Sorry! Seriously though I know I have thought often about how to raise ambitious kids and if all I have to do is wash some dishes and do some laundry then count me in!
Beat this Marriage Proposal: Guys use this as a little inspiration as you plan your marriage proposal! All he had to do was get 300 of his closest friends and shut down the highway in LA. Take a look at the video!
Talking to your Daughter about Sex: I have three daughters and this day is coming soon! I love what this dad did and there are some great lessons to take away from it.
And as one last reminder don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away!