Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #1

This will be a new piece to the RealWade blog where I pull together material from the week that you won’t want to miss on the issues of marriage and parenting. At times some other topics will be added as well. Please enjoy and if you ever see anything that I should add please email me at

Tips on raising thankful kids

This is quite appropriate as this is Thanksgiving week. Our kids are so blessed and we live in a society that really trains them to be self-centered so take these tips and run with them. Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget the Thanksgiving activity I posted earlier in the week.

 Study Shows Sex does not bring on Labor

I have heard this to be true over and over. Sorry guys but this study says it isn’t. Of all the things out there to get labor going this was always the most fun. The article does say that there was a 1% higher rate of the onset of labor after sex so I guess there is still hope guys! I would say don’t give up on this one yet!

Danica Patrick and Maiyam Bialek announce the end of their marriages

I share these two stories to remind us to be mindful of the state of our marriages. None of us are perfect and if we do not put the hard work into our marriages we are susceptible to our marriages falling apart. Danica had been married 7 years and Maiyam Bialek for 9 years. Remember love is a choice and the more you care for it the more your love will grow!

Dads really do Matter…Duh! 

This is the story of a great program that was started and that supports the truth that dads do matter in the life of their kids. I am always amazed that people doubt this. Hopefully schools in America will look at programs like these and see how they can implement them.

Finally here are a couple honorable mentions…

Study shows kids in daycare are more obese

Men who eat meat are seen as more manly This is too funny!

Have a great weekend!