Marriage & Parenting Highlights #8


Protect your kids on the internet.

This weeks Marriage & Parenting highlights includes a “Sexy and I Know it” parody by a dad, tips for internet safety and another reason to exercise. Enjoy!

Internet Safety Tips: Parents we can never be to safe these days when it comes to our kids and the internet. This article is a good reminder to be careful and set up safeguards. Make sure you especially understand the mobile devices your kids have and how you can make them safer.

Teamwork in Marriage: Friends this post entitled “Your Spouse is not the Enemy” is a great reminder of the importance of teamwork. How are things with your spouse right now? Do you need to take some extra time this weekend and draw close to him or her? If so take the time you won’t regret it! Mark Merrill thank you for your work with family and marriage.


Sexy and I know it Parody: You have to watch this video! It is hilarious!


Exercise and Get Paid More: This is an interesting article that talks about people who exercise regularly tend to get better paying jobs. Once again we see the benefits of exercising. I know that when I am exercising and in shape I tend to be a lot more confident. I imagine that then carries over into the rest of life. So if having a healthier life is not enough to get you to exercise perhaps making more money will motivate you.