Marriage & Parenting Highlights #16

Kids Mobile AppsThis weeks marriage and parenting highlights you some tech help with apps for your kids, a challenge to parent for tomorrow, a great video of a sack race and other items.

Parenting for Adulthood: I really liked this article and felt that it really challenges us as parents. I know that many times I get caught in the moment rather than looking to the future. Based on your parenting what will your kids be like as adults?

Kids Books you Can’t Part with: Would you agree with this post about the books you must keep?  What books of your kids have you kept? We have all read them a hundred times.

Mobile App Guide For Your Kids: Do you know what apps your kids are using? Do you know what information it collects about your kids? This infographic will give you some insights and help you do the necessary research to keep your kids safe.

Being a Man: This article does a great job encapsulating what it means to be a man. We live in a culture that can’t figure it out and this article really makes it simple. Husbands embrace this and dads teach it to your sons.

Dad’s Sack Race: This was at our daughter’s birthday party a couple years ago! The dad’s got a little competitive and laid it all out to win this one!