Marriage & Parenting Weekly Highlights #11

Men first don’t forget Valentine’s Day is in a few days! We have a full list of highlights this year and first on the list in honor of Valentine’s Day is a reminder for dads to date their daughters. Some other highlights include research on marriage proposals and more benefits for being married. For parents their is a exercise to help focus what you do with your kids and the new parenting buzzword is discussed.


Date Your Daughters: I have three girls and I can not tell you how wonderful it is every time I get out with them alone. Dad’s take the time and by your example teach your daughters how they should be treated by guys.

What Women Want in a Marriage Proposal: Men you don’t have to break the bank on your marriage proposal. Here are some thoughts from a recent survey.

When you May Need to Give Less: I absolutely loved his thoughts here on how much to give and when you may need to cut back.  I am a firm believer that here in the USA we have a problem with not enough encouragement to give. Rarely are people struggling because they give to much.

Marriage: A Heart Attack Prevention Method:  This article was so intriguing.  To think that being married may help you not have a heart attack.  I think this again points to the fact that we are relational beings. We are made in God’s image to be in relationships.

Best Parenting Tweets: This is always great! As parents so many crazy things happen each week. I  imagine many of us can relate to these tweets.  Thanks Huffington Post Parents for sharing.

Parenting Bucket List: I love this idea. Take the time while your kids are young with your spouse and see what are all the things you want to do with your kids before they grow too old. Amy and I need to hurry and do this! Alexa is almost ten!

The New Parenting Buzzword: Do you know what it is? It use to be “self-esteem”, not any more. I love this concept and believe it is so lacking in our society.