Marriage Evaluation

My wife Amy and I have been married for over 12 years. We would both say that we are as madly in love today that we were on September 4, 1999 when we said our vows. The following post will share with some of the lessons I have learned.

Lessons Learned from our Marriage

We have passionate pursued a God honoring marriage. We love being together and are happier today than we were when we got married. I want to help you either have a happy marriage or keep a happy marriage.

When we first got married I sat down every few months and evaluated our marriage. The following post talks about that:

How to Give your Marriage a Regular Check-up

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What Others are Saying: 

Mark Irving Director of Discipleship Ministries & Fit to be Tied at Cedarville University.

“Wade’s marriage check-up tool will challenge any man who is serious about honoring God in his marriage. It asks penetrating questions that cut to the heart of whether or not you are leading spiritually and truly putting the needs and interests of your wife ahead of your own. It helped me to slow down and consider how I can serve, pray for, and more effectively love my wife.”

Andrew Hedges Family Pastor at MorningStar Baptist Church & Author. He blogs at

 Wade’s “Marriage Check-Up” encourages you to be visionary about your married life and take practical steps to move forward. This simple evaluation would be worthwhile for any husband willing to be honest and desiring to honor Christ in his marriage. 

If you find the tool helpful would you come back and leave a comment about how it has been helpful to you.