Running & Shin Splints: 3 Simple Treatments


Running with Shin splints is painful!

When running a lot it is common to develop shin splints. A couple years ago when I was running to raise money for GraceHaven I developed shin splints. For two years although I was not running consistently I could not get rid of the shin splints.

Many sources will tell you to run on softer surfaces like trails or treadmills and to stay of pavement and concrete. I did that for a while but it didn’t help. I kept scouring the internet to figure it out but just couldn’t get relief from the shin splints.

Then I started doing three things consistently:

  1. Before running stretch you calves out to help shin splints.
  2. After running do calve raises to strengthen calve muscles and relieve shin splints.
  3. In between running massage your shin splints.

When I started doing these three things consistently I found that the shin splints disappeared and did not come back when running. When running is something your enjoy or that you do because you want exercise it is extremely frustrating to deal with shin splints.

Here are a couple other tips that can help as well:

  1. Have the right shoes and are in good shape. I have really like my Mizunos.
  2. If you run on the road stay on roads with little traffic and run in the middle of the road. When running on the slanted sides it can add to the pain of shin splints.

I know shin splints are painful but stick with the treatment and running will be a joy again!