Exercise: a simple choice

Running_is_a_choice.JPGThere have been moments in my short running and exercising career where I get super excited to get out and run even if it is 5 in the morning and I miss it when I don’t get to. To get to this place has been really difficult. Have you been there? It rarely last long before I get injured, sick or super busy and the routine gets broken. The next thing I know a couple weeks are missed and we find ourselves back at square one trying to get back to being excited about the exercise. Once that routine and joy is broken you have to really fight hard to get the desire and joy back.

I imagine many of you are like me in that the norm is that you have a million and one excuses why you shouldn’t go running or exercise. Here are a few that I’ve used that maybe you have to: I’m too tired, it’s to cold outside or I don’t feel great. It is amazing how the forces of evil unite to keep us from exercising or eating healthy. The last two weeks I have been on vacation and gotten to exercise a fair amount. Getting back into running has been so hard but I am getting there.

As a result I have pondered this idea of a million excuses which keep many of us from exercising or running. In the end it keeps us from being healthy. I have wondered why and how to overcome this. What does it take to get back to being excited to get up and run?

What I have come to realize is that the answer is determination and choice. It’s not rocket science or anything creative. It is simply the determination to choose to exercise or run. So often I want to make it seem like the excuses are so important and so valid but in the end they are simply excuses.

As I continued to ponder this I realized that this is the case for so much we need to do in life. Whether it is starting a business, exercising, writing a book or learning something new. In the end it simply is a matter of sheer choice. In those moments when the excuses build will you simply choose to do it or will you keep putting it off. You and I both know that when you keep putting things off you will never reach your goals or your dreams.

What is it today that you are having difficulty accomplishing? What is it that you simply need to choose to start doing regardless of how you feel or how busy you may be?

Many of you have set goals to lose weight or to exercise. Remember at some point the only reason you are going to do it is because against all odds you chose to!

Your turn: When is the last time you had to use sheer choice to get out and exercise?