How to Love Drinking Water

How to start drinking more waterDrinking water although simple can be so difficult to do. For years I knew the benefits of drinking water and knew that I was not drinking water enough. The taste was okay but there was always something that tasted better. Not until about nine months ago did I figure out the secret for drinking water consistently. In the past I would drink water sporadically and I would get on kicks for a couple weeks at a time. I was never able to be consistent though at drinking water. Now I love drinking water…crazy, I know!

Last summer I went to a conference for work. When I got there I wanted to get a water bottle so that I could have something to drink during the sessions. I went to Walmart to pick up a water bottle. I ended up getting the Gatorade Sports bottle that you see athletes use. I drank a lot of water that week and have continued it since then. The great thing is that I even drink it at room temperature. This is huge considering the fact that 9 months ago I hardly drank water at all.

Two Tips for Drinking Water

Find your Favorite means of Drinking Water

This seems like a silly tip but it made all the difference for me. If your family is anything like mine then you have lots of different water bottles around your house. Cute ones for kids, Nalgene bottles that are indestructible, metal ones so you don’t die from plastic and then a dozen ones that your have received from different businesses. However you may find you are not drinking water. I realized that my container was a barrier to drinking water. Once I got the 32 ounce Gatorade bottle to drink from it hasn’t stopped. I have no idea what it is about the bottle that gets me drinking water. I drink plenty though. I average about 64 ounces a day if not more. Many days I drink 96 ounces of water. So experiment and find what container you like and stick with it. I lost my Gatorade bottle a couple months of go and while I did not have one I hardly drank water.

Make Drinking Water a part of your Daily Routine

Look to the past and think through what parts of the day you drank water in the past. What were you doing and where were you at? There is a good chance that these would be the rhythms where you need to add drinking water to your life. Some days I do better than others with drinking water. I almost always do good on days that I am at work.

Why you ask?

I drink water on work days the best because I have a routine with it. I fill up the bottle in the morning and drink water on my way to work and then I fill it up and drink the bottle of water on my way home. Driving too and from work happens 5 days a week and so I know that 5 days a week I will be drinking enough water. The other thing I do is drink water with my meals most of the time. This get me another 16 ounces of water on the day. What are your routines where drinking water would be a natural fit. Start drinking water during those times and it will become a habit. Eventually you will grow to love drinking water!

Drinking water is important for a healthy body in a number of ways. By finding a container you like and discovering a routine for drinking water you will add this healthy habit to your life. I knew last night at a softball game when I wanted to drink water over Gatorade that I needed to share with others how I grew to love drinking water!

Your Turn: What helps you drink water?