Advocare: Why?

Advocare: Get health and wellness products and build your income at the same time!

Get health and wellness products and build your income at the same time!

This last week my wife and I made the decision to join the ADVOCARE team. Since making that decision I have been asked multiple times as to why we decided to be a part of ADVOCARE. I think the answer to “why ADVOCARE” has three simple parts to it. The people, the possibilities and the products.


The first thing that drew us to ADVOCARE were the people. Over the last couple of years I have watched different groups of ADVOCARE distributors as they cared for one another. I was amazed at the genuine concern that distributors had to help those they worked with whether that be with there health or with the building of their business. The people we talked with in ADVOCARE kept bragging on the people as well. I realized these are the kind of people that I want to surround myself with. People who pursue their dreams, are positive and invest in others. I can honestly say that is what the ADVOCARE team is all about. The only way to truly be successful is first by desiring to develop others.

WHY ADVOCARE: The Possibilites

The more I thought about ADVOCARE the more I thought about the possibilities. From what we have witnessed so far those possibilities are endless. Some friends of ours have seen their business explode in a years time and from what they see that will not end anytime soon. ADVOCARE has also only saturated the market by 1% which means that there is so much room for growth. Another possibility that I saw was that Amy and I could do this together. This is a possibility for us to work together growing an ADVOCARE business. I love being with my wife so this was the perfect opportunity. I also realized that the income potential was amazing. The reward even at the lowest level of  entry was a 20% commission and we are starting at 40%. ADVOCARE has been set up in such a way that it eliminates as much risk as possible.  I loved that. It left me no longer asking why but rather why not with all the possibilities that exist. With all the possibilities I realized the only thing possibility was that I would totally regret that we didn’t say “yes.”

WHY ADVOCARE: The Products

Advocare SparkNow I realize that all products don’t work for everybody but what I came to realize was that ADVOCARE products like Spark and the 10 day cleanse were helping so many people. The products actually worked. They were helping moms get through tough days with kids. They were helping men and women get healthy and lose weight they had not been able to get off before. They were helping athletes perform at higher levels. The products work and people love using them. We knew that being a part of the ADVOCARE team meant that we were taking a great product to people. A product that in one way or another could help them reach their goals. If you know Amy and I much at all you know we are about helping people and this was an opportunity to do that.

When I consider the people of ADVOCARE, the possibilities with ADVOCARE and the products of ADVOCARE I could not help but say “yes, we’re in!” Where will this journey take us, how will the business grow, how will the products help us? Honestly I can’t answer that yet but this one thing I know. I’ll never have the regret of wondering what if. I want to live life without regrets and I want to teach our kids to pursue their dreams and saying “yes” to ADVOCARE is accomplishing both of those. If you would like to know more about joining the ADVOCARE team simply email me, leave a comment below or click to go to our page –

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