Coaching is about helping people see where they want to be, helping them make a plan to get there and then provide accountability to make it their reality.

This blog is about journeying together through life, marriage and parenting. We often need people to come along side of us to help us become the individuals that we long to be. This has led me to provide coaching for those who may need a little help to receive the level of excellence they want to achieve in life, parenting and marriage.

Sometimes all we need to get over the top is a little outside perspective and encouragement. 

 If you are interested in having somene coming along side of you as a coach please email me at

Areas of which I focus:

  1. Your walk with God
  2. Your marriage
  3. Your raising and training of your kids.
  4. Your ability to lead.

Once you email me at, we will set up a time to talk on the phone for 30 minutes. During that time we will discuss what it is you would like to work on, how the process works and my fees. I also have a No dollar and Cents Plan that allows you to be coached without the monetary cost. My heart is to help whoever needs it and money will not get in the way.

Every person is always moving whether it be forward or backward. Which direction are you moving? Perhaps having a coach will ensure that you are moving forward and having greater relationships with your wife, kids and coworkers.

Contact me at and get signed up for your free 30 minute session today.