Keeping Valentine’s Day Simple

couple in loveValentine’s Day is just a few days away and if you are like me every year you feel a bit of pressure to top the year before. Perhaps you are 15 years into your marriage and your not sure what else special there is to buy your wife. Or maybe things are tight for the family and you are feeling guilty that you can’t take a weekend away or buy something really special for the love of your wife.

Maybe this year it is time to keep Valentine’s Day simple! Just maybe in the simplicity Valentine’s Day will be more special than ever. Wives and girlfriends please weigh and let me know if I am full of it! 

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love between you and your wife . It is about letting them know how special they are. Now if you can spend the money to buy a ring or something nice then do it. Perhaps by making it simple and expressing your love in words or by serving your loved one will feel  more special than ever.

Keep Valentine’s Day simple by expressing your love through service.  Take a few minutes and think about the things your wife loves for you to do but you don’t get to? For my wife it would be things like a back rub with lotion included, scrubbing her feet and then putting lotion on them, letting her sleep till noon, or letting her take a nap. What would be those things for your wife? Is it giving her a night out with other ladies? Is it taking the kids out and letting her take a long bubble bath?

You may come up with things quick or it may take you a little bit but believe me if you come up with 4 or 5 things and do those for your wife this Valentine’s day I bet she would feel deeply loved and cared for.

Keep Valentine’s Day simple by expressing your love through words (spoken or written).  Take a few minutes and write down ten different things you love about your spouse? I would write down things like I love your confidence, I love your smile and how it lights up a room when you walk in, I love that you know me and challenge me to grow, or I love the kindness you show toward others.

Once you get the list then think of a creative way to give those to your wife this week or on Valentine’s day. Perhaps you could write a card, or distribute them throughout the house for her so that she finds them throughout the week or tell ten different people what it is you love about your spouse and then have them call her and tell her this week for you. These are just a couple suggestions, take them or leave them, regardless though make sure you think long and hard about your wife and then find a way to express to her in words how much she means to you. 

I believe that if you were to serve your wife in special ways this week and if you were to express to her in words how much you love her that this would be an amazing Valentine’s Day. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, married men have obtained favor from God so take this Valentine’s day to let her know what about her blesses you!

Your Turn:

Men: What simple ideas do you have to express your love to your wife this Valentine’s Day? 

Women: Tell me if I am way off base in this post and why?