How to give your Marriage a Regular Check-up

Marriage can be one of the best things in life or it can be the worst thing in life. If you put the time and energy into it, you will find it to be amazing. If you don’t invest in your marriage you will find out just how miserable it can be.  Today I want to give you a simple tool that if used regularly and humbly will help keep you from heading down a path to divorce.

Shortly after Amy and I were married I realized how forgetful I can be.  As we went through that first year of marriage I knew I needed something to help me stay focused on my marriage and to help me remember to do the important things. Around that time I wrote an evaluation form that I completed every couple of months.

The form simply made me think through how our marriage was going and helped me create a plan to keep it going well. Most of the time this would not take me long to do, no more than an hour but the benefits were incredible.

I believe most of you are like me in that you want to love your wife well and you want to build her up as Christ calls us to but it is easy to get sidetracked. An evaluation like this will remind you to write her notes, take her on dates, help her around the house and keep you focused on the things you love about her! I would also encourage you to bring another man along and hold each other accountable to doing it.

I would like to give you a marriage evaluation form like the one I used.  Simply subscribe to on the home page and I will email you the evaluation form. 

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  • dale harris

    Good idea Wade. I know I need to be reminded.

  • Eric

    Thanks Wade! I found it very useful.