5 Day Love Challenge

What is love you may ask. I would tell you that love in Marriage for husbands is making the choice to care for your wife the way Christ cares for His church. So what is love, it is a choice before it is a feeling. Husband making selfless choices everyday to love your wife is what keeps your marriage strong.

Friday, July 6th I put a challenge out their to husbands to show their wives what love is in a tangible way! Husbands were challenged to write down five things they love about their spouse and then share them with her each day for five days.

Husbands did you do it? I sure hope you did! If not take the time and start today! It is a great way to bless your wife!

I did here is my list of five things that I love about my wife:

Here is how I delivered them to her:

Friday: Facebook message

Saturday: E-mail

Sunday: Text message

Monday: Post on Facebook wall

Tuesday: A letter

Husbands I hope this kind of thing becomes a part of your life as a way to show your wife what love is! Doing this on a regular basis is sure to bless your marriage! And if you are blessed like me the outcome wasn’t bad either!

Your Turn: What were the five things you told your wife and how did you tell her?

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