I am an average guy striving to excel in life, marriage and parenting. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ and I strive to live for the glory of God.

My beautiful wife Amy and I have been married since September 4th, 1999. The time has flown and although there have been ups and downs we in many ways still feel as though we are on our honeymoon.  She is my best friend and such an encouragement to me in all I pursue.

We have four amazing kids together whom you see on the home page. Starting on the left is Noah (8), Mikayla (2), Alexa (9) and Emma (4). I cannot imagine life without anyone of them. They have brought such joy and variety to our lives. Each one is so unique leaving me amazed that they all came from Amy and I.

Cedarville University is where I have been lead to work and have influence on the lives of others. I get to spend my time connecting with alumni and friends of the University inviting them to get involved with their time and resources. In turn they get to be a part of shaping student’s minds for Christ. This is one of the many places that I get to lead others and grow in the process.

Marriage, parenting and life comes with a lot of pressures and I hope that this blog can be helpful to people everywhere as they pursue one or all of these things.

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